Get back Deleted Records in SQL Server 2014

This blog elaborates the possible way to get back deleted records in SQL Server 2014. Along with that all the reasons responsible for this kind of issues are also described. Before all that, It would be nice to have a look on What actually SQL Server is?

In simple words, SQL(Standard Query Language) is a medium to communicate with a database and is also known as a standard language for Relational Database Management. Various SQL statements or commands like Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Drop to update the database as per the used command.

SQL Database facilitates you with the management of data on the small or large scale. With the ease of maintaining the entire database, there may be harm to the data due to corruption for any reason. There is one more possibility if you have mistakenly missed or deleted the data that is very important, you cannot afford to lose that data. So, It is unavoidable to find a way to recover SQL Database.

Importance of data to any firm:

It is necessary for every organisation or corporation to keep track of entire database that contains every single detail of every information related to the Organisation. For example, Every small or large organisation maintains the record of each and every employee in its database. Any decision made or needed information solely depends upon the entire database. The database is a crucial entity to every organisation.
So, You should always be careful regarding the deletion of SQL database to maintain the continuity of your business operations.

Reasons for SQL database Corruption:

  • It is not much easy to figure out the fact behind corruption or deletion of SQL database. Before finding out the actual reason, it is difficult to grab a particular solution for that. In most of the cases, it is the I/O subsystem level issues that lead to automatic data deletion without prior error message or notification.
  • It concludes that the primary cause for corruption is instability of drives, drivers and controllers. It might be networking peripherals causing unpredictable data loss. It can be the situation that the routers and other networking devices are not working in a proper manner. And also causing the server to work inaptly. Apart from that there could be unwanted interruption causing deletion of rules, tables, triggers, indexes etc.
  • Any alteration or modification to the SQL account may lead to loss of database access. In case, you did not remember the Username or Password, It will not be possible to access the database. The database may also get infected with virus or malicious program.
  • During any transaction like read or write operation, there could be some technical issues in between, preventing database file access. In case of
    any major technical problem, there is a possibility of loss of access to that file.
    If the shutting down of the SQL database is not proper that may lead to a state known as ‘Dirty Shutdown’. The reason behind this can be power surges or inadequate power supply.


QuickData SQL Server Recovery is a third party solution providing you the facility to get back deleted records in SQL Server 2014. You will get the entire data either temporarily or permanently deleted from the database.


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