Solving Database Not Opened Yet Error in Lotus Notes

Like as every email client IBM notes can also let you suffer with some database issues. So, after taking all the issues into consideration, it is found that there is need of Solving Database Not Opened Yet Error in Lotus Notes.

Before that, In this information box we will discuss the root causes of this error with the possible solutions as well. Notes use NSF file as its database storage including email, messaging, contact management, calendar, discussion forum, blogs, to-do list, and Web Browsing Services.

To host the business platform services IBM Notes has its own IBM Domino Server, independent of any other server. It is a leading platform to host social business applications.

Different Notes Database Errors:

1) Migration Error: This error occurs due to the generation of an invalid object handle in the code of Lotus Script and that particular object tries to open the database. As per the latest versions of IBM Notes, IBM submitted new features related to attachments after export. This update is the reason to the error(database not opened in some machines).

2) Notes Object Error: When anybody tries to open the database with IBM Notes database object and an error occurs in opening the property code of that particular database opening object.

3) Access Error: In IBM Notes Access error occurs due to a user access from another domino server. To access the database file, you are in need to changes in security settings of another database. Otherwise, you will get the same error message “Database Not Opened Yet Error in Lotus Notes”.

Suspicion with Database Not Opened Yet Error in Lotus Notes:

One of my friends was continuously writing web services in Domino in IBM Notes and an error “database not opened yet” was being displayed every time. He was practising the same on another server.
Here, in this article we will try to discuss the problems pertaining to same error “Database not opened yet”. And we will also explore the available solutions.

Origin of the Error:

  • The database is not present as per the specification.
  • The user ID does not have the access to database.
  • This error may occur due to any invalid path of file or Server.
  • Improper connection of remote user with the network.
  • The error may be caused due to server crash.

Fix Error ”Database Not Opened Yet” manually:

There is manual method available for this error resolution:

1. In case of migration error due to connection failure between Client and Domino Server, you should trace the path of server to solve this issue.
You can follow the given below steps to check the connection:

  • Go Lotus Notes File >> Preferences
  • Select Notes Port
  • Choose Trace option
  • Type the required server name in Destination path from Trace wizard, Hit Trace tab
  • You will get the preview of all details of Client-Server connection. If there is proper connection between client and server then you can opt for given below solution to solve this issue.

2. In order to resolve the Notes access error, you should check the security setting of User agent and Domino server as well.
Follow the given below steps to check the security settings of Domino Server:

  • Sign in with the Lotus Notes ID
  • Then, Open Document of Domino Server holding the database
  • Now, from “Security Tab”, add a name of the server containing Web service in “Trusted Servers”.
  • After following above steps, Check if the database file gets open.


The manual method to the error “Database not opened yet” is much helpful, since it is less time taking and easy to comprehend.
If you are not able to open the database file, you can try above mentioned methods.
If these manual methods are not able to help you out then you can access this Notes database in Outlook. For that, you need to switch from lotus notes to outlook, that would be much easier and not risky as well.


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