Need of Bookmark files in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes, also known as IBM Notes is a popular email client facilitating the users all around the world. This particular email client possess its own different benefits like its own domino server, document centric database, bookmark files in Lotus Notes.

IBM Notes contains a database management system that is totally different from object and relational database and i.e. document-centric or document oriented databases. There is no requirement for any schema, incorporates built-in document-level access control. Also provides storage in rich text format.

Notes Database is composed of various configuration files. Every file has its own significance and plays vital role in the functioning of Lotus Notes. Several associated files are mentioned below:

1) .nsf-: This file extension used to store data related to used work. It stored all email, notes, to-do list, calender and other messaging details.
Location-: C: Program Files > IBM > domino>data>mail>username.nsf

2) .ID-: This ID extension file used to store authorization credentials such as User-Name and Password.
Location-: C: Drive > Lotus > Notes > Data

3) Bookmarks.nsf-: All the database links that are bookmarked by IBM Notes users get stored in this file.
Location-: C: Program Files>IBM>Notes>Data

4) Names.nsf-: Name.nsf file used to store all contact details of users. It stores all email address, user contact group details, and other connection information.
Location-: C: Program Files > IBM > Domino > data > mail>names.nsf

5) Archive.nsf-: An Archive file used to store user data on the local disk. An archive is created by a user to get the backup of their mail and other information for future use.
Location-: C: Program Files>IBM Notes>Data>archive.

Bookmark File in Lotus Notes:
In simple words, bookmarking is just a way to have a quick access to any important database in future. Here also, Bookmark files helps out in the storage of the database links that were previously bookmarked by Notes user. This file plays a major role in enriching the users to link the required data that is crucial to them. The database links that are marked as bookmarks get stored in different folder or file, where each bookmark is separated by a barrier. It also helps in resolving the duplicity issue when multiple users work on same bookmark simultaneously.

Data Storage in Bookmark Files:
The data incorporated in Bookmark NSF files are as follows:

  • Bookmarks
  • Database icon images
  • History of Bookmark
  • Frameworks customized by users
  • Views customized by users
  • Welcome page design

Like other files, these files can also get corrupted. However, that is a different fact. So, the next article will incorporate the corruption related information in detail. The corruption of bookmark files should be taken care of, that can lead to severe issues in the working of Lotus Notes.


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