Why to reduce NSF Mailbox size

This particular information report will assist you with the easy process of reducing the NSF Mailbox size. You will also get enough idea of Lotus Notes and NSF file.

About Lotus Notes: Lotus notes may be defined as a desktop based email client i.e. a package of multiple components:

  • Emails
  • Address Books
  • Scheduling and Calendaring
  • Web Server
  • Database
  • Programming

Lotus notes was originally developed by Lotus Development Corporation in 1989 and later on bought by IBM in 1995. This particular email program is very much independent, hosted by its own server i.e. Domino Server.

Overview of NSF File:
NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility may be termed as a file format used by IBM Notes for the storage of multiple data items like emails, user data, contacts, appointments, design information etc.

Reasons of reducing NSF Mailbox Size:
Users with Lotus Notes as their Personal Information Manager have faced so many issues like inefficient database, lack of storage space etc. So, to overcome this situation, users are compelled for the deduction of Lotus Notes Database size.

Some of the significant reasons are elaborated below:
To improve the performance of Database:
Database may lack in efficiency due to large size. It will slow down the performance of database. So, by minimising the size of NSF file the size of database will automatically get reduced.

To utilize hard disk Space:
In order to maintain the running of multiple applications the enough hard disk space is required. You can free the space on hard disk by reducing the mailbox size of IBM Notes.

Restriction on Resource Usage:
Due to exceeding size limit of NSF file, the server works slow and effect the entire work. So, One has to manage his database size to boost up the working of server.

Reduce NSF file size manually:
In order to reduce the size of NSF file of IBM Notes, You can take the benefit of “mailbox compressing” i.e. the advanced feature given in Lotus Notes. You can follow the given below steps to start the process of file size reduction:

  • Open Lotus Notes on your system, Log in, Click on File.
  • Follow Database >> Properties.
  • Now, Hit the I tab.
  • Select Compact option.

With the help of these few steps, You can compact the size of your NSF file. However, it will only helps to release few Kbs data, even in case of empty mailbox. So, You can go with a third party utility i.e. NSF Split. This application will split the NSF file in multiple NSF files of small size results in reduction of mailbox size of Lotus Notes.

Benefits of minimising the NSF file size:

There are multiple benefits of deducting the size of Lotus Notes database. Few of them are explained below:

  • With the reduction in IBM Notes database, the data access becomes more flexible. User with multiple number of mailboxes can easily open or access their data files.
  • Since, the duplicate or extra data has been deduced results in less time consumption. It increases the working efficiency of the system.
  • You will get enough free space to save your important documents or files.


The above mentioned information will help you out with the overview of Lotus Notes and NSF file. Along with that, you will also get to know about the reasons for reducing the size of Lotus Notes database and methods for the same.


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