idataAgents in Lotus Notes

The IBM iDataAgents facilitates with the backup and restore of Lotus notes client. Before getting in touch with iDataAgents in Lotus Notes. One should be aware with the following terms explained below:

Lotus Domino Server: Lotus Notes Domino Server may be defined as a computer system with downloaded Lotus Notes Domino sever software. Lotus Notes Domino acts as a web or application server to host the IBM Notes email client.

Notes Clients: Notes Clients are the computer systems where Lotus Notes client software is installed. As per Client-Server architecture, Notes Clients acts as client and Domino Server act as Server. These computer systems access the services and database on the Lotus Domino Server.

Client: Client may be defined as a computer system whose data is present on Domino Server after taking backup with iDataAgent.

iDataAgents in Lotus Notes:

Lotus Notes Domino Server iDataAgents are responsible for the backup of IBM Notes Database. iDataAgents also provide the security to Notes database. However, they offer security to the data that is present on Domino Server.

The data secured by iDataAgents is:

  • IBM notes data that is present on local hard drive of Notes Client Computer system.
  • File system data that is present on IBM Domino server.

It is important to use the iDataAgent aptly, There can be two types of iDataAgents designed for Lotus Notes:

The IBM Notes Document iDataAgent acts as a system administrator tool. This can be used to accomplish partial database recovery.

  • Provide small restoration of data like as day-to-day database use (for e.g., recover the data mistakenly deleted by a user)
  • In case after any sudden system failure, You want to retrieve a part of a long database as soon as possible then, You can go for Notes Document iDataAgent.
  • In order to get hourly backup of your database, use Notes Document iDataAgent.

The IBM Notes Database iDataAgent plays a role of Disaster Recovery tool.

Use this one if you are in need of full database recovery.

    • In spite of providing small day-to-day backups, facilitates with the recovery of entire event of a database or system crashing.
    • To schedule backup of your Lotus Database on weekly basis, use Database iDataAgent

If both the iDataAgents are installed on your computer system then you can use any one as per your requirement. Both the iDataAgents provide backup facility, however the purpose differs.

Note: It is not possible to take backup with one iDataAgent and restore with another one. You have to use same iDataAgent for both the processes. For e.g., taking backup of Notes Database from Document iDataAgent and restore the same with Database iDataAgent will not work out.

Both document and database iDataAgent supports only databases with alphanumeric names.


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